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Trial These Bad Breath Products and You - Oxygenated to eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breathThere are two problems that you and others are likely concerned with  when it comes to oral health.   One is bad breath.  The other is gingivitis / gum disease.  Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, both are caused by the same villains.  Those bad guys are otherwise known as anaerobic bacteria.

One item that may prove to be of immense benefit to you and your oral health is an oral irrigator. Specifically, the HydroFloss oral irrigator is a good choice. Do not underestimate the power of an oral irrigator to help improve your dental health.

You have an interest in combating and defeating bad breath and / or gum disease, so let's talk about them.  Since they both have the same cause, they also have a similar solution.

Anaerobic means to dislike oxygen.  Aerobic means to like oxygen.  The only difference between those two words is the 'an' in the front. 

The bacteria that cause both gum disease and bad breath do not like oxygen. So an outstanding way to beat them is to give them oxygen.  In the presence of oxygen they tend to die.  

This Oxygenated Mouthwash can help you fight back against gum disease and gingivitisHow can we deliver oxygen to them?  There are actually several ways to do so.  One primary method is via a mouthwash that contains a stable oxygen compound that can do the job.

Another method is to use a device called a Hydro Floss in conjunction with the oxygen mouthwash or oxygenated drops.  The Hydro Floss is excellent at getting rid of plaque too. That makes it idea for fighting gingivitis or gum disease.

But what about bad breath?  Well, the oxygenated mouthwash (a slightly different version) is good at fighting the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath.

Virtually everyone has encountered the bad breath of a friend or loved one at sometime in their life.  One of the problems with bad breath is that the person with it doesn't always know that they have it.

We get used to our own breath so we don't always know what others can smell on our breath.  One quick test you can do to check your own breath is to lick the back of your hand and let it dry. Next, sniff the area that has dried and you will have an idea of what others can possibly detect on your breath.

Gum disease and bad breath are two oral care problems that the majority of people worry about. Gum disease can lead to the loss of teeth.  Bad breath can have social repercussions in many ways including on our friendships and our working / professional relationships. We need to be on our guard against both problems.

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PS. There was a study done that showed the effectiveness of the hydromagnetics that the Hydro Floss has over that of non-hydromagnetic oral irrigators. 

This study was published in The Journal of Clinical Periodontology (May 1993; 20: 314-317). 

PPS. If you purchase a Hydro Floss oral irrigator through a link on this page, you are entitled to a digital (download) copy of my book:  What You Should Know about Gum Disease.  To claim your copy: Email your receipt to the above address. 

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15 Day Trial for Bad Breath Products

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